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5 Tips to keep Kids meaningfully engaged during  Vacations

5 Tips to keep Kids meaningfully engaged during Vacations

Admin October 05, 2021

The Indian system of Education has three major vacations during the study year – summer, festive season during Dussehra and winter. So, these are times when kids can really pick up some interesting life skills and they can also be kept engaged at home. There are plenty of things which kids can do during the vacation with the family, and depending on the age of the kid such activities can be arranged so that they prove interesting to them as well.


Let us see 5 things which kids can would enjoy during the vacation at home and which would also help sharpen their motor and sensory skills.


Helping with the garden


Gardening is a very interesting and a very positively engaging act. So as parents when you are supervising your garden, encourage your child to join you. Maybe just to help in watering the plants and also learn about the different plants. This is an activity which helps them get closer to nature as well.


Arranging their own toys and play space


Even if your kid is a toddler, encourage the habit of putting back their play toys and other stuff in place, once they finish playing. Not only will this make them more active in the form of extra movement that is needed to put things in order, but also teach them the art of being disciplined in life.


Helping put things from kitchen to dining table


It is very important for kids to be self-sufficient as early as possible. So, whether it’s your boy or your girl, ask them at times to help you set up the table for the meal or carry items from kitchen to the table, which are not too hot or dangerous for them to hold. This will slowly get them to learn how food is served and tables are laid. So, in future, your kid will always be comfortable doing them alone once grown up. Make this sound fun and maybe encourage them to be creative in setting up the table at times. Work is not always boring! Make them work but not look like it is a punishment.


Collect clothes from the wardrobe basket and help in putting them into the washing machine.


This is again a very important activity that will keep your kid engaged and will not be too difficult. Ask them to assist you in putting the clothes into the washing machine. Kids love playing with the clothes and they also get used to seeing how the machine is set up and clothes are washed. Getting them used to using essential gadgets at home with caution is also very important.


Read books beyond their school curriculum


The education system in current times is quite demanding and children are under a lot of pressure in their schools to complete their syllabus. But holidays are the best time you can spend time with your kids and get them to read books of different genres. It’s a good way to get them to know about different subjects beyond school assignments This also develops their creative faculty and imagination; they start thinking about things from a broader perspective. The activity keeps them engaged positively.


This is a simple compilation of 5 activities that you can immediately start with anytime with your kids. There are so many more that you can plan for your child and give them exposure to different elements of life. Vacations are a great time to relax, learn, play and develop family bonds for them. So, get creative and make sure your child’s next vacation is full of such interesting and engaging activities that they don’t get bored being at home.




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