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A New Learning Journey

A New Learning Journey

Admin June 07, 2021

Learning must go on. I am being quite abrupt, isn’t it? Well, this is the most valuable lesson that I have learnt during the pandemic ridden year. Learnings were many of course as I had ample time to ponder about things which I wouldn’t have otherwise; well, coming back to my original point, education is something which has come to a screeching halt- especially for pre-schoolers. The realisation dawned that an entire new generation is being deprived of essential learning during their formative years. But this is something which actually has a way around the COVID pandemic-imposed disruption and can prove to be advantageous. The answer is online pre-schooling!
This concept is not new for adult learners, it’s just that the current situation has forced our hands in thinking out of the box and consider this mode of education for our little ones too. The thought behind this is of course ‘something is better than nothing’. But this is where you are wrong. Online education for pre-school kids has multiple benefits.

It provides parents with the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of their day. Parents can sit with their toddlers and help them learn and socialise at their convenience and work around their office hours. This is a wonderful balance which works out in favour of the entire family.
Online learning obviously differs from traditional classroom learning both in terms of environment and experience. But online learning is here to stay and is the future of education. In fact, we were well on our way towards it; the pandemic has just forced its pace forward.

Here, I have listed down eight benefits that I myself have observed and experienced, while schooling my little one at home-

  1. Flexibility: Traditional schools have their own learning curriculum which is time bound and often leads even pre-school teachers to set a timeline within which they complete the syllabus, thus, forcing the toddlers to complete learning and even homework at the same pace. If a child is slow or fast in his/her learning capability, his or her learning pace is restricted by the school system.

These issues are non-existent when it comes to online classes as they have access to a more customized approach to learning which fit their ability and requirement. They enjoy a combination of self-paced learning, DIY learning, scheduled and recorded lessons, as well as interactive videos which allows for exploration and discovery of new things.Ideal for Introverts: There are many children who are inherently shy and are introverts. They find it difficult to open up in a group and tend to be silent. Online education has the added benefit of getting their parents near them which boosts their confidence and they tend to open up and interact more with both teachers and other children.

  1. Enhanced Interaction Level: Research findings state that toddlers are reacting 43% more positively to online teaching methodology when compared to physical classrooms. The level of engagement is more with interactive videos, games, graphics, story-telling and cartoons. These tools are designed to help children in various areas of basic learning like counting, speaking, reading or even drawing in more creative and interesting ways. Illustrations, moving and colourful characters on screen catch the attention of children more easily.
  2. Less Distractions: Accept it or not, there are quite a few distractions in traditional classrooms like crying, bullying, inappropriate influences, misbehaviour, which are just a few such examples. With virtual classrooms, you can thankfully bid adieu to these and focus more on real learning and development. A teacher’s time is used more constructively when she doesn’t have to focus on addressing behavioural problems.
  3. Comfortable Learning Environment: Some toddlers maybe apprehensive and nervous in pre-schools; for them virtual classrooms can be totally non-threatening This leads to enhanced and more extensive learning with even more participation from a child. The comfort of home doesn’t necessitate toddlers to go out and attend school at a specific time come hail or shine. Education is just a click away with online pre-schooling.
  4. Learning Technical Skills: Digital skills are mandatory for survival today. The way I look at it, introducing your child to the digital world will only be beneficial in the long run. It’s actually a blessing in disguise when online classes, dictate that you navigate through classes, download online material, interact and communicate digitally. In no time, you will find your child taking to it like a fish in the water. Initially, it may appear cumbersome but it is guaranteed to help your child later in life.

The benefits as you can well understand are many and with no sign of the pandemic abating anytime soon, it definitely is a good plan to keep learning from the comfort of the house. Kids are resilient and love to learn new things and explore. A virtual learning environment can be effective in nurturing a child’s all-round development. By opting for virtual pre-schooling with a structured learning program, parents can ease their kids into a lifetime of productive learning.

“With the introduction of LMS, it has become very easy for the kids to attend their cases, virtually, staying safely in their homes” – Current Parent

Parents are finding online courses enriching for early childhood education. Accessibility, convenience, and flexibility of online learning allows parents to be involved in the schooling of their kids more effectively.


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