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New Education Policy -2020 has introduced preschool education in Indian Education system. Earlier preschool education was not compulsory and high school admission was possible without formal pre-school education.

With three years pre-school education called out as compulsory, the preschool Industry is expected to grow more than 300% in the coming years. The current pandemic situation is not allowing classroom trainings to be possible and experts expect the current situation to continue for the next couple of years at least. Parents and pre-school going children are left with only one option: Online Preschool.

We urge you to become our partner in this endeavour of running online pre-school. There is no risk involved as it is a proven model and there is no investment required in the brand.

Why should you consider partnering with us:

  • Business opportunity in the education sector is unlimited
  • Education is a recession free sector
  • Edu-Tech business is the future
  • Edu-tech company catering to 3-6 year old children poses as a viable opportunity
  • Little Laureates online is one of the pioneers in this sector

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