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Happiness during the Pandemic

Happiness during the Pandemic

Admin May 29, 2021

The pandemic, the COVID imposed locked down, makes me happy. Sounds crazy to say so, right? Well, it is actually what perhaps the toddlers are saying deep in their minds. Why?

Times are so demanding, that as a kid one rarely gets to spend time or just even have their parents, siblings or the family in general, around for too long. The entire day is so meticulously orchestrated that the amount of time a mother or father can devote to their child ‘unconditionally’ is strictly rationed.

And even the poor parents are not to be blamed for it either. Work life commitments eat into your social life and you are left with no option but to be a slave to your duties. Every mother wishes to see her piece of heart, her child grow. Every father wishes to rock his child playfully on his knees or shoulder and hear the child speak his/her first few words. But life is ruthless, you cannot afford this luxury of being with the family.

So naturally as COVID compels parents to work from home, the hapless child finally has some happy days in his life. His parents neither rush to work every morning, nor is he pushed to the creche to be with his stranger friends and teachers, an unfamiliar family if we term it so.

But have you ever tried to evaluate how happy these times are? Let us take a short trip to discover those hidden happiness pockets which sometimes go unnoticed.

1. Let’s start with the biggest challenge first! Pre-schoolers have even gone online now. It’s a tough situation for both the parent and the child. The child is getting the first touch of technology in life and this is going to be a foundation experience on education and social interaction. This is the time when he/she is just starting to touch, feel and explore life. So, instead of dirtying his/her dress in the playground or sharing tiffin with buddies in playschool, they have their friends and teachers on a laptop screen, their online preschool. . The experience is equally new for the parent, as naturally none of them ever faced such a mode of education in their early lives. So how to make the situation more child friendly and not compromise on the learning part is quite a challenge! This brings to the obvious requirement of spending more time in
front of the laptop, befriending the child with technology and also ensuring adequate learning. It’s a great deviation from the regular life stress for the parent, the stress of work, the stress of virus and so many more others. It’s like revisiting your childhood in a new format with your kid.

2. The kids’ story reads somewhat differently. Finally, mother and father, or if they have elder siblings, they are at home. It is a great opportunity to learn to socialize, learn family values. Unlike being in school or a creche where the treatment is more generalized, here comes the opportunity where the kid gets more personalized attention from every family member. He/She gets to learn and experience things closely, and can get corrected from learning things wrong. Overall, it’s a healthy situation and the child experiences higher levels of comfort, security and fun.

3. Being together as a family in times of pandemic is an added benefit to the kids’ learning to make self-decisions quicker. Normally we think kids need to be guided, even outside school. So, during normal circumstances it turns out to be a one-way guided instruction which sometimes may not have the desired acceptance to young minds. Now with parents or seniors at home to supervise better (longer, more closely), kids are learning faster to make decisions as the guidance is more specific. The intervention is focussed and the child feels happier to experiment with newer things without the fear of only being scolded.

4. Given the uncertainty of life and the havoc a virus attack can have on the lives of any human, being at home with family is a great sense of security. Not only does it reduce the chances of near and dear ones getting infected, but seeing them in front of you is a great source of enjoyment.

The demon called Corona is wreaking havoc across the world. While gloom and despair seem to be the new-normal, the only whiff of fresh air and happiness is perhaps your family and little angel at home. This is a great opportunity to help it shape your life to the perfection you can imagine. Feeling the touch of soft hands on your lap or helping him/her overcome some new challenges in learning will be bigger trophies won than achieving your boss’s target at work. Your kid is the best stress buster you can imagine in such troubled times. It’s not about isolated gains of happiness, both you and your kid’s happiness have a multiplier effect, it can definitely make you feel the world is a better place to live in.

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