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How to Get Your Baby to Sit Still in an Online Classroom

How to Get Your Baby to Sit Still in an Online Classroom

Admin November 12, 2021

Of all the circumstances you’ll face as a parent, you’re probably all too familiar with this one.

You’re sitting with your child doing an activity you saw on Pinterest or from a fellow parent, and you receive a phone call or remember a duty that has to be done, so you stand up and tell your child that you’ll be back in two minutes.


Two minutes may seem insignificant, but it’s all it takes for your youngster to become distracted and go on to do something else, or to start running around. To top things off, we’re now under indefinite lockdown, which means you’ll have to do some research if you haven’t come up with a way to keep that little tot concentrated and amused.


Thankfully, we’ve gone ahead and completed the necessary tasks. Our teachers and curriculum professionals are dedicated to creating class schedules and lesson plans, allowing children to study remotely and enjoyably. However, parental involvement is required so that the children can sit down and complete the activity during the session. How do you get your baby to take online classes attentively?


Tips for Making Toddler Sit Still in an Online Class


There are some tactics that can be easily adopted to help your toddler sit still in an online session. These tips will help you get started, and you can build on them or customize them to suit the unique characteristics of your little one.


Take Short Breaks – Observe your child to see how long they can stay focused, and schedule small breaks in between sessions. If you notice your child becoming fidgety, you can do the same. Short breaks will also help your child to be more productive, so even if he/she isn’t spending as much time learning, he/she is surely learning in a better way. Our class schedules are specifically intended to offer short breaks, which will already help you keep your toddler focused. However, if he/she still needs more time off, the teachers are always willing to help. Our nursery syllabus in India is designed in such a manner as to give many short breaks to the toddlers.


Assign a Learning Space – Because children stay at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it might feel like one long vacation, toddlers are pleased to just play and do their own thing. Schools, in most cases, are separate from the family setting and provide children with a sense of routine. So, they know it’s time to study as soon as they step through the doors. The objective is to recreate this in any way you can at home. Every day, choose a calm location in the house where your child can learn remotely, and make sure to stick to it. Stick to the same location and attempt to keep the decor and surroundings consistent. As a result, your youngster will become more accustomed to learning in this area and will put up less of a fight.


Keep Distractions to a Minimum – We frequently overlook how distracting our own houses can be, particularly when it comes to children. Anything can be used to divert their attention. Someone knocking on the door, a bird singing outside, etc. Distracting factors like toys, televisions, and cell phones should be kept to a minimum in the location you designate for online lessons. Even family members talking or frequently approaching the child will divert their attention, so advise everyone to stay as calm as possible during this time and not to disturb the youngster. Even simple things like turning off your phone can help your toddler concentrate better.


It’s fine if your toddler is fidgety and can’t sit still for long periods of time. This is natural and can be dealt with tactfully. Use these suggestions to make your child’s day more productive and enjoyable, as well as to help him/her to expend more energy so he/she can concentrate on his/her online lesson.


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