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Is Your Child a Fussy Eater? 6 Ways to Deal with It

Is Your Child a Fussy Eater? 6 Ways to Deal with It

Admin November 12, 2021

Infants’ favorite food items may fall to the floor the next day or they may continue eating secretly. For weeks, they can eat one or two favorite foods-and nothing else. Don’t let this typical infant behavior annoy you. Offer healthy eating options and know that your child’s appetite and diet will balance over time.


Here are some tips for a positive and stress-free way to deal with picky eaters.


1.Eat Together with Your Family– Babies and toddlers love to be like their parents. Including children in family meal times, rather than serving dinner separately, can make them feel included and encourage them to eat more. This small adjustment in daily life will helps to develop important fine motor skills such as drinking from an open cup and using cutlery! And who doesn’t love the big family supper where everyone talks about their day? In Montessori education online it is a common feature for all the kids to eat together with the teacher.


2.Try Distributing a Small Serving Preparing– A large plate of unknown or unloved meals is not for small people learning to navigate the world of self-feeding. It can be overwhelming and frightening. Serve something like 2 pasta, 3 peas, and a square of toast and replenish as needed to make your child eat more. As an additional bonus, this reduces food waste (though your family dog may disagree!)


3.Involve Your Child – If you involve your child in preparing their meals, they will be happy to eat your creations!


4.Don’t Force Your Baby – Babies are born with an amazing ability to self-regulate and know exactly how much their body needs to eat each day. Whether your child wants a third serving or throws all the food on the floor, it’s important not to make a fuss about how much they can eat. Did your toddler have an entire plate of spaghetti, two servings of broccoli, and half a loaf of garlic bread for lunch? usually. Or did he/she just lick the peas and nibbles with the fried whitefish horns? It is also normal.


Exposure is as important as consumption, and patience is the order of the day! So, you can try many small meals or “pastures” throughout the day if three large meals a day does not work.


5.Offering Familiar Favorites with New Foods – Toddlers have great emotions, and too many new or unloved food items can get in the way and quickly go into meltdown mode. Instead, try serving a popular macaroni and cheese plate with half the tip of asparagus. Crushing or spitting asparagus is a step in the right direction!


6.Serve “Supper”– If your child literally refuses breakfast, lunch, or supper today and is stressed because he/she is hungry and worried about falling asleep, go to bed before bedtime. Please try to serve dinner. This should be essential and satisfying, such as bananas, cheese sticks and boiled eggs.


Do your best to patiently guide the path of your picky eating toddler to a healthy diet.

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