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Is Your Child A Picky Eater? What To Do

Is Your Child A Picky Eater? What To Do

Admin September 17, 2021

There are many parents out there who have claimed that their children or child is a picky eater. This means that your child will refuse to eat the things that you provide them. For such reasons, mealtimes can be nothing but a battleground filled with food refusals and tantrums. But there is nothing to worry about. The best preschool franchise in India has listed some of the best and helpful tips for all the parents whose children are picky eaters. To know what these tips are, please go through this article.

Tips To Follow When Your Child Is A Picky Eater

Below are some of the tips suggested by experts. If you take a look at the top day-care facilities or best preschool franchise in India, you will surely come across some of the tips they follow when a child refuses to eat what is served. Check them out!

1. For All The “I am clever enough to make a decision” Eaters

The majority of the children tend to be pretty dominating when it comes to meals. They get to decide what they wish to eat and what not to. Many parents believe that this type of independence is pretty crazy.

They start to act and behave like grown-ups, and it becomes difficult for the parents to deal with them. When you have such an independent mind at your home, the best way to deal with them is by making an offer. Yes, it will surely work.

Picky eaters are intelligent enough to articulate why they don’t wish to consume something, so it will be better to provide them with a choice. Begin from the healthy food option and limit the possibilities to two or three.

2. For The “Taking pride in not eating” Eaters

Shrugging is something that all parents will do when children take pride in not eating the food they are served. So, how to deal with this issue? Simple! Introduce the food to your child rather than feeding them. Tell them what dish it is, the ingredients you have used, and explain how exactly it tastes.

Make sure to use a positive description but avoid using superlatives like “Oh, it’s so delicious” or “It’s super tasty” and so on. When children see that they are not forced to eat the brand-new dish, they will easily handle their fear for food or Neophobia perfectly.

3. For All The “I can make the perfect excuse” Eaters

Children who are fussy eaters will surely make numerous types of excuses to refrain from eating. But even when they do eat what they served, they act as if they are doing their parents a massive favour. When you are a child old enough to know what hunger is, try to ignore the fuss.

The experts say that it’s better to serve your children healthy food, but there is no need to discuss what they have been served. Just tell them that it’s their meal and they should eat it. But make sure the food looks good.

It’s because children tend to fuss about how the food looks rather than how the food tastes. You can make unique shapes for sandwiches, fruits and even vegetables. Doing so will surely grab the attention of the children, and they will eat without any issues.

4. When Mealtime Transforms Into “ME” Time

Many children love mealtime and eat everything that they are served. As a parent, you can make the mealtime a lot more interesting for your child where you can tell them stories and laugh at various things. This will make mealtime a lot more enjoyable, reducing the chances of throwing a tantrum.

Remember, children love the attention they are given, so if you want them to eat without making any fuss, give them your time during their mealtimes, and it will surely provide you with a positive outcome.

Final Thoughts

So, do you have a picky eater at home? Follow these simple tips provided in this article, and they will surely help you. You can easily make your child’s mealtime a lot more exciting and fun.

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