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Our Online Learning Platform

Pandemic or not, the holistic growth of our laureates must continue seamlessly. To that end, we present you with the first ever pre-school online classes, complete with exclusive Little Laureates privileges.

Our laureates in pre nursery, nursery, junior KG and Senior KG have two choices: live classes, interactive sessions with mentors, and recorded lessons for self-paced learning, with access to games and animation based modules. The second option does not need a mentor's supervision.


Features of the unique online preschool programs of Little Laureates:

Student’s Area

Parents and Student’s Section

Every student can avail the virtual classes through the unique login credentials provided by the school along with the mentor

They will be able to access a world of learning resources, like:

  • Animated Videos
  • Semi Animated Videos
  • Interactive Games
  • Worksheets
  • Recorded classes

The recorded classes enable each student to experience a self-paced learning by availing all the learning resources.

Parents can access and view their wards progress and development.

The key areas which they are able to keep a check on are:

  • The attendance of the student.
  • Progress of the student academically and the developments according to the development areas.
  • Vie and keep a check on the worksheets and homework given by mentors.
  • Student’s schedule for the day/week.
  • The parents will be able to connect with the respective teachers and the admin office.
  • Pay fees online.

Mentor’s Section

Teacher’s Section

This unique platform enables our well trained and dedicated teachers to conduct the virtual classes successfully. On this platform the teachers are not able to conduct their live interactive classes but also create customized worksheets depending on the aptitude of the students. l live classes with the students batch-wise also create custom worksheets for students.

They will be able to interact with the students on one is to one basis and conduct parent mentor meets.

We have designed the online classes for pre nursery, nursery and kindergarten kids to provide over all development, prepare them for the higher classes , and keep them entertained throughout the online classes.

Some Learning Aids

Some Learning Aids

Here’s a glimpse of some of the videos, games and animation artefacts from our Learning platform

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