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Preschool Montessori Education Online

Little Laureates is excited to offer the best preschool Montessori learning online! We are now offering exciting new opportunities for those who can’t make it into the classroom. Our virtual courses will allow your child access from home--or anywhere else with internet connection!--to explore this innovative approach towards early childhood education that has been hailed by some as revolutionary. The best-in-class Montessori based learning is now available online! Now, you can have all the benefits of a face to face school without having to leave your home.

Let the Learning Continue

We provide our little online learners with many exciting and engaging sessions. Our online preschool classes are a great way to connect with other kids, practice Montessori methods of learning in a fun environment. The Montessori program will engage children in the five areas of learning: practical life, sensorial, math and other core subjects. They'll be encouraged to think creatively while fostering curiosity.

If you’re looking for a way to provide your child with the education and social skills they need, come check out our online learning program. We offer parents an opportunity to nurture children from any background using Montessori principles that are tailored specifically for their developmental needs in their home environment—all while still maintaining contact with other like-minded classmates! If you want more information on what separates us from traditional schooling methods or how we can help prepare your student of all ages academically, feel free to fill out this form now so we can send over additional information about enrolment procedures and curricula options.

They'll engage with their senses through art projects and nature walks while learning about Math concepts such as counting numbers or measuring lengths of objects. In Language & Cultural Studies classes, children will learn all sorts of interesting facts like what an apple is called around the world!

IQ Development

The limits of a child's intelligence are not determined by just genes, but the opportunities he or she is given to use their mind. Our online classes offer an environment for stimulating intellectual curiosity in children so they can comprehend what goes on around them.

Physical Development

The childhood of every kid at Little Laureates should be no less than a fun ride, where good memories are plentiful and love is ever-present. Encouraging natural growth, our online Montessori preschool classes provide ample opportunities for children to run around playfully!


A child's life is full of possibilities. All we need to do for them as a society, people who care about their growth and development, is give them encouragement when they show interest in creativity or initiate something creative themselves. We provide children with stimulating experiences by arranging different types of online activities where they can nurture their imagination & discover talents.

What Do You Need?

Any mobile device - tablet, laptop, mobile, desktop And elder to supervise - parent, grandparent
Yes, Little Laureates are ready to start their Montessori education online.

We want to ensure learning does not stop in early years; this is because they are so important during development! So make sure you get ready and keep up with engaging activities at home, thanks to our online Montessori preschool program.

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    Some Learning Aids

    Some Learning Aids

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