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Little Laureate — Access The Best PreSchool Curriculum

Brain development is at its peak during the first four years of a child’s life. During this phase, the brain is developing critical neural paths to assist in the abilities of the child to perform, function, and learn properly. This is why you need to admit your students to a good preschool and help them in developing and reinforcing their learning capabilities.

Little Laureate – Paving The Way For Growth

A segment of Nalanda Learning System Pvt. Ltd. Little Laureate was founded in 2012. It is the first preschool in India, which offers digital learning. So you do not have to let pandemics or any other issue hold your child from getting the education they need to grow. As of now, this eminent preschool has over 2000 students from around India.

To ensure that children have the best learning and growing environment, our virtual classes integrated games and interactive activities as well. Moreover, we have integrated more than 1000 interactive videos and games in the curriculum that aligns with the international pedagogy and modern insights.

Study Programs By Little Laureate

Irrespective of the class, Little Laureate has an extensive pre primary syllabus in India that is the perfect blend of learning and play.


Nursery students are around the age of 3 years. And Little Laureate offers three years of the engaging learning environment. The interesting part is that the curriculum is combined with vacations and holidays. Coming to the pre-nursery syllabus in India, there are oral as well as written exercises that include:

  • English (A to Z & a to z)
  • Numbers (1 to 50)
  • Introduction to My World includes a plethora of activities to develop values, skills, etiquette, and habits.

Junior KG

After learning the nursery syllabus in India, students move towards Junior KG. At this stage, the student is prepared for formal schooling. The children will be exposed to three-letter words, numerical puzzles, and communication in English. Moreover, students also participate in socio-cultural activities and are supported to develop their own opinions. The key focus of the Junior KG syllabus is:

  • Sight words
  • Thinking skills
  • Mental Maths
  • Storytelling

Senior KG

When your kids reach the age of 5, they become eligible for the Senior KG syllabus. Little Laureate focuses on providing students with a seamless transition to the first class. The preschool has developed an educative, interactive, and fun syllabus, including short sentences, four-letter words, social skills, and cursive writing. This is the stage where the students are exposed to:

  • Simple addition
  • Large number
  • Simple subtraction
  • Simple multiplication

Want to enroll your kid in the best preschool in India? The Little Laureate is the school to consider. You can even book a demo before making the final decision.

    Some Learning Aids

    Some Learning Aids

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