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Kindergarten education is a stage where kids are learning the basic knowledge and skills of life. They learn values, etiquettes, habits, and much more. This is why parents need to be mindful of the school that they choose for their little ones. Moreover, the pandemic has further put a break on kids' education as they cannot go out of their houses. But virtual classes for kindergarten have emerged as a savior.

Little Laureates: Eliminating The Boundaries From Education Landscape

Launched in 2012, Little Laureates is the first preschool in India to offer online classes. And presently, the institute has over 2000 students from across the country. Little Laureates is a part of the reputed Nalanda Learning Systems Private Limited. The team of experts in this preschool envisions providing the same learning experience as they would get in a traditional learning setting through online platforms.

The online preschool supports students to learn, play, and grow. The team of experts has designed a holistic curriculum that includes 1000s of interactive and educational videos and games. Each of the activities is tested over time and aligns with international standards and insights.

Three Modules Of The Educational Platform

The reason why Little Laureates is reckoned for offering the best online classes for kindergarten is due to the way it has created its platform. There are dedicated sections for students, teachers, and parents to maintain an organized and seamless approach.

Students Area

Students can access online classes for kindergarten through their dedicated login credentials. These details are provided by the school to access the following learning resources:

  • Animated videos
  • Semi-animated videos
  • Worksheets
  • Interactive games
  • Recorded class
  • The ability to record classes allows the students to save the live classes to enjoy self-paced learning.

Teachers' Area

Virtual classes are conducted by experienced and skilled teachers. They have a dedicated section where they can host live classes. The live sessions allow the teachers and students to interact with each other and resonate with the physical classroom experience. Furthermore, the ability to interact with the students allows teachers to address the issues of the students in a better manner. They can also easily create a customized worksheet based on the aptitude of the students.

Parents Module

Little Laureates has created a section for parents so that they can easily track the progress of their respective students. Additionally, the parents have their own login credentials provided by the school through which they can access the following features:

  • Attendance of the students
  • The academic progress of the student
  • View and track the homework and worksheets
  • Schedule of the students on a daily or weekly basis
  • Parents can connect with teachers and the admin office

By providing a comprehensive curriculum, Little Laureate has established a strong reputation. If you are searching for virtual classes for kindergarten, this preschool is the one

    Some Learning Aids

    Some Learning Aids

    Here’s a glimpse of some of the videos, games and animation artefacts from our Learning platform

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