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Little Laureates — The Best Online Preschool In India

Although online classes were becoming popular, this pandemic has shown the need to make online education more standardized. Preschool education is extremely important as it is the stepping stone towards further development. During this phase, your child goes through social/emotional, physical, and cognitive/linguistic development. All these factors have a significant impact, so you need to have your child enrolled in a good preschool.

Little Laureates— Building Strong Learning Foundation

If you are looking for the best online preschool, then your search is over. Little Laureates is the first digital preschool in India, with more than 2000 students across the country. This preschool aims at conducting interactive learning via live classroom teaching, whiteboard, games, videos, etc. The platform has blended traditional teaching techniques and modern approaches to create holistically and the best online preschool programs.

Little Laureates — Creating A Holistic Education Approach

To create the best virtual classes for preschool that reflects the potentials of a physical classroom, Little Laureates has made its online learning platform in three sections that include:

Teacher’s Section

The trained teachers have a dedicated section where they can efficiently conduct online classes for preschool. By facilitating live classes, the platform allows teachers to interact with students. Considering the open flow of communication, students can ask their queries, and teachers can address them without any hassle. Additionally, teachers can also customize worksheets that align with the aptitude of the students./p>

Student’s Section

Every student has their own credentials provided by the school to log in to the virtual classes for preschool. Once logged in, the students will be able to access a host of learning resourcing including:

  • Animated and semi-animated videos for the engaging learning experience.
  • Interactive games that also educate the students.
  • Worksheets that can be customized as per students’ aptitude.
  • Recording feature that allows students to record the live classes and avail self-paced learning.

Mentor’s Section

Parents Module

Little Laureates has made sure that parents are included in the education process just like they would in a normal situation. This is why the team has created a parents module that parents can access with their own credentials and access the following features:

  • Their kid’s attendance
  • The academic progress of the students and their development in other areas.
  • View and track homework and worksheets.
  • Access schedule of the students on a daily or weekly basis
  • The parents can connect with the teachers and admin office
  • Pay nursery class online

Book Your Demo And Make A Practical Decision

Instead of making big claims, Little Laureates wants students and parents to see the quality of education that they provide and then decide. This is why they have added a book a demo feature, allowing applicants to take a demo class virtually and then make a decision.

    Some Learning Aids

    Some Learning Aids

    Here’s a glimpse of some of the videos, games and animation artefacts from our Learning platform

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