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Our Pedagogy - ENRICH

Most pre-schools teach children to read, write and recite. So does Little Laureates. But that’s just a part of the whole.

At Little Laureates, your child learns to communicate, collaborate, create and think critically.

Not just the WHATs, we encourage our laureates to chase after the HOWs and the WHYs. They EXPLORE the world of language, and CONSTRUCT their own meanings. Here, education is the process of celebrating differences and respecting perspectives.

The Little Laureates Pedagogy is called ENRICH. Our vision is to

each and every child so that they transform into a confident, powerful and competent individual.


Our pedagogy ENRICH is built on 5 pillars

Goals Of Our Pedagogy Enrich:

Learning transpires through the use of both the cognitive and the affective faculties. We have summed them up in 5 Cs:

Activities with multiple Learning Outcomes are done with the students in Little Laureates to foster the 5 Cs of ENRICH.


Each concept reflects this pattern. Each concept is approached from the perspective of the Experiential Learning Cycle. The activities and worksheets are categorized under 5 heads:


Each page of our book is designed to attain a specific Learning Outcome. The Class Activity and a suggested Home Activity is also mentioned on every page. We are the only pre-school chain to have designed such books. The child not only gets conceptual clarity from the curriculum but also enough scope for practice and application.



  • Monthly observations of each student’s behaviour and development is captured in a Monthly Developmental Checklist designed according to the developmental and curricular milestones.
  • Formative Assessments- 2 in a year
  • Half yearly and Annual Summative Assessments
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