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Top Preschool Franchise in India

Little Laureates Preschool Franchise in India has been established in the country to enhance the pan India digital presence. Little Laureates is essentially one of the most significant pre-primary education initiatives taken by the Nalanda Learning Systems Private Limited. The establishment was founded in the year 2012 and has gone on to become the most important, respectful and top preschool franchise in Kolkata. Little Laureates is also one of India’s first-ever Virtual Digital Preschool. Little Laureates has over 2000+ student all over the country. The preschool franchise in India has also managed to create a management of advanced and interactive learning via live classrooms like teaching, games, whiteboard, videos and many more.

Conventional teaching techniques are still prevalent in the world of education. However, we try to blend the conventional system with the modern approach into our curriculum. With the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to stay at home. We are happy to announce that we are one of the top preschool franchise in India to launch digitally enabled virtual classes for the students. Apart from that, we are also one of the first preschool franchise in India to offer online pre-classroom programmes to the future generation of the world – our perspective laureates.

Preschool Franchise in India

In order to open a preschool franchise in India with Little Laureates, you have to get recognised in the field of education. Being the best preschool franchise India is no child’s play. Here at Little Laureates, we are always thriving to establish the best plan in PAN India. Our management holds a special emphasis on incorporating the perfect balance of the practical and the theoretical knowledge base. Our curriculum is based on scientific methods and easily accessible by people from all walks of life. Therefore, collaborating with the well-known pre school franchise in India is one of the best decisions you can make.

Little Laureates offers low investment in terms of preschool business opportunities. The investor would be able to easily get around a 50% return on investment. There is the presence of professional support by the council of Little Laureates and this is why it is one of the top preschool franchises in India. Invest in a well-established franchise and maximise your profit in the long run.

Benefits of Investing in the The Little Laureates Franchise

  • We offer profits at low investment
  • We have a positive work environment
  • We are mindful about hiring the best teachers in the respective fields
  • Our focus is fully on the management of schools and their environment
  • We are one of the most experienced preschool franchise in India
  • We have facilities for academic excellence, administrative feedback and security

Goals and Values

While most low cost preschool franchise in India teach children only to read, write and recite, Little Laureates does so much more than that. Here at Little Laureates Preschool Franchise, we focus on helping children develop a practical view of the world – by learning to communicate and collaborate by creating and thinking critically. Our goals include inculcating Critical Thinking, Corporeal Connectivity, Cultural Consciousness, Communication and Collaboration and Creativity in the young and impressionable minds of the students.

Little Laureates is here to provide the best start to the child’s school life. By joining hands with us, you would be able to reach out to more children and shape their academic future in the best way possible.


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