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Screen Time or Play Time

Screen Time or Play Time

Admin June 09, 2021

Exams are getting cancelled for older students, but what about your pre- school going kid?

As the pandemic waves hit us a second time most of us realise that “normal” isn’t returning soon to our lives. And with that, little by little, realisation hit about things that didn’t warrant a second thought earlier but now looms before us like a huge decision.

What do you do if you have pre-school aged tiny tots at home and you need to decide whether to enrol them for online classes?

Are you going to enrol them and see them sitting in front of screens with headphones on for 3 hours or are you going to take a chance and educate them at home? Or are you going to just let things be because they are too young to fret over their education?

According to studies, children go through rapid brain development in their growing years and learn most of their social and cognitive skills in the early years of education. Thus, it would definitely be a bad idea to let a year of that time get wasted without targeted and immersive learning.

On the other hand, will nursery going kids really be able to learn and enjoy lessons sitting in front of a screen and hearing their teacher talk?

Fact is, educators need to evolve and find the answer. Of course, classes cannot be held at a stretch for 3 hours. Also, classes need to be redesigned keeping in mind the age of the students and the medium of instruction. Teachers need to promote play and interaction among students rather than delivering long monologues. The “online” school should aim not to become screen time for children, and instead become play time for them. This is true even if ‘play’ is not physical.

Also, schools should get parents more involved in the education of their ward since it would be impossible to impart all the education a child craves at this stage through just an hour or two of “class”.

So, choose a pre-school where they understand the difference between online education and face to face education and they recreate and customise the online modules entirely rather than just put the offline content online.

Don’t lose the precious learning time for your child by doing nothing. Make the right choice of the pre-school and your child will be learning in leaps and bounds even with online teaching.

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