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Teaching Your Child To Identify Colours

Teaching Your Child To Identify Colours

Admin September 17, 2021

Introducing your little one to the world of colours is an outstanding experience. Children are said to identify shades or hues from 18 months, and they start naming all the different colours between the ages of 2.5 years to 3 years. But on certain occasions, it can be pretty tricky for parents to teach their children colours because the task is not easy.

To make the entire job easier, the professionals from the top preschool in India suggest that parents should teach their children about shades or hues with everyday activities. To know how to do so, please check the information below.


1. Colourful Rhymes and Songs

Experts from the top preschool in India say that music has a strong influence on a child’s development. Make sure to get some DVDs to take that contain audio-visual animated rhymes and songs, which teaches colours, and you get to watch them with your children/child. You can easily cheer up your little by getting yourself involved with them. Remember, children have the power to remember rhymes instantly as it helps in providing a practice example to a specific extent.

2. Compare The Identical Items (Colours)

Your toddler learns brand-new words each day, and when you compare to different items while teaching them about colours, you might make the entire process a lot more complex. So, to avoid such situations, you can use two identical objects instead of a different one. In other words, it will be much better to use a green ball and a red ball rather than a red sweater and a green balloon when it comes to teaching shades. When comparing two similar things together, it will make the differentiation a lot more-clearer.

3. Hand Printing

Toddlers are said to learn plenty of new things when they touch various items or objects. When you wish to magnify your child’s creativity and sensory skills, you must introduce them to hand or fingerprint.

This will surely help pull your child towards bright shades, and it will become exciting to learn them. You can opt for homemade finger paint, which is safe for your child.

When it comes to cleaning, you can use a clean vinyl cloth on the table where your little one was painting. That way, it will become a lot easier to clean.

4. Get Closer Towards Nature

Getting a lot closer to nature is viewed as a unique and fantastic way to teach colour to your child. You can introduce the colourful butterflies, the tree trunk, the green leaves, the pigeons, the green grass and various other things. These types of short-fun learning ways will not just teach you little about matching colours and help them recognize each of the shades. But it will also help in magnifying their motor skills, language, control, and hand-eye coordination.

5. Colouring With Crayons

You can provide the toddler with some colourful sheets or a colouring book that contains white and black illustrations and ask your child to colour them with crayons. Make sure to allow your child to pick the crayon they like and scribble with it on the paper or colour book provided to them.

After that, you can label the choice with the shade’s name, which your child is holding. That way, you can take the name of the colour and teach them what colour it is.

Final Thoughts

Now, teaching your little one colours has become easier as you can follow the steps provided in this article. Doing so will surely help your child learn more about the various colours and increase their concentration skills, learning ability, and creativity. It will help your child learn about the shades and allow them to identify each of them when you point them out.

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