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The New Face of Kindergarten India in 2021

The New Face of Kindergarten India in 2021

Admin May 11, 2021

The current pandemic situation has been difficult for people from all walks of life, and that includes small children as well. Panic in the environment is likely to be affecting them in different ways. In such a situation, kindergarten India will certainly divert their minds and allow them to focus on modern and unique ways of learning. With traditional preschool education being available online, it becomes easier for them to participate in learning and development while at home.

Education is very important for the balanced growth and development of a child, and online kindergarten India franchises are trying to ensure that the kids do not miss out. Although online education was always available through long-distance learning, COVID-19 has given an unprecedented push towards it. Sending the children out into the environment has become a very risky proposition. Now many activities for the kindergarten students are being simulated online. This includes both conceptual and co-curricular activities, and more attention is being given to development instead of rote learning. Children are being allowed to learn according to the pace they feel right.

Large Population to be Taught

Online education is transforming the way most of us looked towards education at every level. Reputed entrepreneurs are tying up with organizations to set up new educational franchises to cater to this 4-7 year age group. It may be startling for many to know that 16.45 crore children are from 0-6 years in India, many of whom are eligible for preschool education. The education sector has to keep the needs of this large group in mind while making policies.


As young parents in the 25-40 age groups have high expectations for preschool education, considering the large number of private schools in the country, they expect these schools to tide over the current pandemic with a proper setup.

Focus Areas for Preschool Education

  • Specialized Education– Government of India has identified preschool as a separate formal segment. Learning imbibed here creates the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Preschool education is now being able to reach remote areas as well.
  • Focus on Skills– Online preschool education is not just about academics, but also about skill development. The basics of activities like singing, dancing, craftwork, and drawing are started off here. It is also the stage when parents come to know about their kids’ talents.
  • The Goal of Preschool– Preschool is not the time to start preparing kids for higher education. Instead, they must be given the freedom to develop in the ways they want to.

Indians have often been blamed for gaining impractical knowledge through the education system, but online preschool education will set the tone right at the start itself.

Blended Learning is the Way Forward

Several shortcomings of the current schooling system have been exposed as a result of the pandemic and it is being expected that blended learning will help students meet the gap. Blended learning is a combination of face-to-face learning and online media foe education. Yes, some amount of traditional face-to-face learning will be back once the pandemic subsides.

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