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Tracking Your Child’s Development – Simple Checklist

Tracking Your Child’s Development – Simple Checklist

Admin September 17, 2021

Which is the best time for your child to start writing, and ways to know your child’s developmental milestones are some of the thing’s parents are pretty concerned about. But all child developments are not the same for which they need to attain a particular milestone as they grow up.

The child’s development milestone stands out as specific and general markers, which helps track down what a child can do during a particular age. India’s best pre-school in India follows all the points provided required for a child’s overall development. So, it’s always better to get your kiddo admitted in the top pre-school.

Before heading towards the checklist, let’s take a look at the milestones first. Check below!

  1. Physical Development:The gross and motor development within a child’s development is highly essential. It will help your child to make both smaller and larger movements. This will keep them fit and allow them to run, walk and conduct various activities.
  2. Communication and Language Development: The best preschool in India believes that how your child learns to communicate or interact is pretty essential. You need to keep a check on how exactly your child speaks with actions and words.
  3. Emotional and Social Development:The emotional and social development is something that shows exactly how a child understands emotions and how they react to them. On the other hand, it also shows how well they get to communicate with others of their age.
  4. Cognitive Development:This is all about your child and how they learn to solve issues, explore and think.

The Development Milestone Checklist For 1.5 Years

Here, in this section, a development milestone checklist is provided for children from 1.5 years. Take a look!

Physical Development

Your child must develop motor and gross skills like

  • Holding a crayon.
  • Standing up on their own.
  • Can walk backwards and forward.
  • Finger feeds.
  • Drinks from the glass.
  • Bends over to pick up items.
  • Can easily empty a container.
  • Eat with the help of a spoon.
  • Can turn the pages of a book.
  • Will dance to music.
  • Can easily take out the toys’ parts or put them together.
  • Will throw a ball overhand or kick it forward.

Interaction and Language Development

Here are the language and communication skills your child will develop

  • Will be able to say the word “NO”.
  • Can speak a few words.
  • Will be able to imitate a tune or a speech.


Emotional and Social Development

At the age of 1.5, it’s pretty normal to see your child throwing a tantrum, but there is nothing to stress over it as it’s a good sign. Here are other things they will do:

  • Will cling to their caregivers or you when in new surroundings
  • Will be scared of people whom they don’t know
  • They will be emotionally attached to an object or toy

Cognitive Development

At the age of 1.5, your child might be able to point out their body parts and get to explore more at this stage. They will also do things like:

  • They will scribble everywhere across the house.
  • Will be able to identify all the items and for what purpose they are used.
  • They will pretend and imitate plays.

Delays To Watch Out For

Even though your child will be able to do many things once they reach a certain age, there are several delays you need to watch out for as well. These delays are:

  • Cannot identify all the everyday items.
  • Unable to make movements or walk.
  • Cannot imitate others.

Ending Note

A child’s development is highly essential, and knowing when they start doing activities is also necessary. With the help of this checklist provided in this article, you will get an idea of what your child will learn and when they will begin to learn and allow you to monitor your child.

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